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The other day I was browsing my latest email from and I saw a great list that I wanted to share with you.  The lovely folks over at Total Beauty created a list of the Top 10 Makeup Felonies using pictures of celebrities that have made these mistakes.  As we go from the warm, summer months to the cool, fall months, makeup will get a little darker and a bit more dramatic.  Make sure you pay close attention to the pictures in this list.  Do your best to not make these makeup mistakes.

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One day I was really tired so I decided to brush on some blush to perk myself up. After I checked my reflection in the mirror, I was satisfied with the final product. I didn’t look as pale and tired and the blush definitely helped pull my total look together. When I met up with my friends, I got an additional pleasant surprise. My friend looked at me and said, “You look so refreshed and well rested!”

I was amazed. Here I was feeling tired and worn down and just by brushing some blush on my cheeks, I gave off the appearance of a well rested person. With this in mind, I want to share a video with you about how to properly apply blush. It’s not hard so don’t worry. However, if you’ve never purchased blush before, I would suggest visiting a makeup counter and getting help from a professional. You want a blush that naturally compliments your complexion so get some help with that as well as with choosing the right brush. It will be worth it in the long run, I promise.

Enjoy! Learn! Be beautiful!

Special thanks to TriniCandy223, the author of the video.

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As much as we hate to admit it, our image plays an important role in how we are perceived by others and how successful we can be in life.  Being image conscious doesn’t mean you are vain or self-absorbed.  In fact, being more conscious about the image that you are presenting is very smart.  I wrote a how to article about how to create the image you want to have.  I speak entirely from experience in this article because I followed these steps to create the image that I have maintained since college.  Growing up, I was always a shy kid that rarely spoke my mind.  People seemed to think I was a mousy person and I resented that at times because I wasn’t mousy at all.  I hope that this article can help some of you ladies that may want to change how the world perceives you.

“Image is Everything” is one of the most true sayings. Your image is an important part of how you are perceived. Perception is reality and the image you have affects how successful you will be overall. Here is how to create the image that you want for yourself.

1.  Determine what kind of image you currently have. A good way to do this is by asking your close friends and family to give their perception of you. Make sure that they are being frank in this description. You would be surprised at how you are viewed as opposed to how you view yourself. Another way to determine your current image is by paying close attention to how people deal with you. If you take some time to step outside of yourself a bit and observe how the people around you react to you, it would give you some interesting insight into your current image.

2.  Determine the type of image you would like to have. The way you would like people to perceive you will affect how you go about creating your image.

3.  Determine how your current image differs from your desired image. This includes taking a long hard look at your wardrobe as well. You have to see the areas you need to change so that you can work on actually changing them. This requires being very objective about your perceived image and your desired image.

4.  Start taking steps to changing your perceived image. The easiest way would be to start with your wardrobe and go from there. It’s usually easier to focus on dressing the part first. Besides, once you start dressing the part, you will begin to feel the part and then ultimately you will become the part.

5.  Work on making your new image a direct reflection of who you are. This isn’t an easy or quick process but it is important and must be done. Take your time with it and enjoy the journey.

Tips and Warnings

Be honest with yourself. If at any time the image you are creating starts to feel forced or false, take a step back. It is important that your image be an extension of your true self and not simply a mask.

To read the article in it’s entirety, visit

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Long, lovely lashes are a sure fire way to glam up any look at any time. If you want to go from cute to fab, just add lashes! I found this video on youtube by one of the experts at Sephora that shows you a really easy way to apply false lashes. Check it out! I plan on working in some of the tips myself. I can’t wait to test drive my lashes.

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Now that we’re officially into the warm weather, with the occasional snow storm in the mountains, it’s time to pull out those sandals and flip flops.  Before you slide your winter weather feet into those cute pair of strappy gladiator sandals that are so hot right now, take a moment and assess your feet situation.  You have been wearing boots and other shoes that cover your feet.  This typically means that you have taken a break from getting regular pedicures.  For those of you that haven’t…kudos!  You can go ahead and slide those pedicured toes into those cute sandals.  For those of you that have…stop before you put on those sandals.  Run don’t walk over to the nearest spa or salon and get yourself a mani/pedi.  You may ask why you need a manicure.  You really don’t but I think it adds to the whole relaxing experience to have someone beautifying your hands and feet at the same time or in the same visit.

If you are a fashionista on a budget, don’t fret.  You can still get those hands and toes whipped into shape.  Do some research for massage/beauty schools in your area.  These students often have a professional or professor overseeing their work and the prices are usually less than what you would pay at a regular salon/spa.  Let’s just make sure we’ve done more than just slap some lotion on those winter toes.  Nothing kills a fierce pair of sandals quicker than unappealing feet.

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I promised that we will tackle those thicker eyebrows next so here it is. As someone with extremely thin eyebrows I definitely have a bit of eyebrow envy when I see those ladies with thick brows that don’t have to be filled in with an eyebrow pencil (I try not to leave my house without filling in my brows…it’s become one of my vices). I do understand that the grass isn’t always greener and those ladies with thick eyebrows need love too. I found a video by those wonderful folks at Expert Village and another one by Michelle Phan that I’d like to share with you. The first one is really just a general tutorial on how to choose the best tweezer to use on those brows. I know some of you may fear the pain of tweezers and prefer wax but wax comes with some risks that I can’t comfortably suggest you take. Tweezers won’t burn you and I use them myself!

How to Shape Eyebrows-Expert Village

This next video is a tutorial on how to shape your eyebrows featuring Michelle Phan and some interesting background music. Before you attempt this, I suggest having a white pencil and a piece of ice along with your tweezers nearby. It looks fairly simple. I plan on trying it out myself the next time I refresh my brows.

Good luck ladies and let’s keep those eyebrows shaped up!

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Ok ladies! We all know how a good makeup job can improve your overall appearance, but a good eyebrow can do wonders as well. Even Oprah Winfrey herself will extol the virtues of a good eyebrow. Here is a video for those clueless fashionistas with not so thick eyebrows. A good eyebrow fill-in can really improve your appearance and help enhance your make up situation.

How to Fill In Eyebrows-Expert Village

Next we tackle those ladies with the thicker eyebrows…

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Now we all know that clothes are a big part of being more fashionable and hot to trot, however if you have on a great outfit but your makeup is nonexistent, it can ruin the total package.  Now I know that makeup is often a sticking point for those of us but there are some easy ways to step things up in that department.  Some people may have the false belief that in order for makeup to look good, it must be expensive.

Oh no!  This is SO not true.  Now that you’ve gotten your copy of the Budget Fashionista (you have gotten it haven’t you?), you can check out this website and score some great makeup deals. also known as E.L.F. is a great makeup line and everything costs $1!  Isn’t that just awesome!  Now you can go online and really dabble in different makeup colors without having to pay a lot of money to do it.  Don’t worry about the quality because I will not steer you wrong.  I’ve tried several of the E.L.F. products and they’re wonderful.  I’m a huge lip gloss fan and the E.L.F. lipgloss has great shine and consistency.

Now go!  Wear makeup!  Now you have absolutely no excuses not to.

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