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I got a comment from a blog reader today about the muffin top article.  If you haven’t read it, take a moment to do so.  The reader that commented on it has recently had some muffin top issues even though she falls on the “skinny” side of things.  She is a direct example of the different sizes of people that can be affected by the muffin top.  After reading her comment, I was inspired to write an article on how to disguise or get rid of the muffin top.  Check it out.

10 Ways to Stop Muffin Tops

1.  Exercise-The best way to get rid of that unsightly muffin top is by exercising so that you can fit smoothly into those jeans, skirts, shorts, etc.  Extra cushion around your waist is also quite unhealthy and can lead to diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.  I want all of us fellow Clueless Fashionistas to be healthy as well as fabulous so get those waist lines down!  Believe me, I speak from experience.  I’m currently taking kick boxing and jogging to get my waist line down as well as improving my eating habits.  It’s a lifestyle change.

2.  Larger pants-Once you realize that you’ve managed to acquire a muffin top, go up a size in your bottoms.  Don’t be ashamed or afraid.  You will look much better wearing a larger size than trying to squeeze in the size that you used to fit.

3.  Longer shirts-While you are out buying those larger pants, purchase some longer shirts as well.  Shirts that go past your waist are great ways to smooth out your silhouette.

4.  Looser shirts-Tight fitting shirts enhance and even create muffin tops.  Look for looser tops that don’t hug your belly and waist and the muffin top will be camouflaged.

5.  No belts-Believe it or not, belts can also create muffin tops.  Whenever possible go without a belt and your muffin top situation will be greatly reduced.  If you can’t go completely belt-less, put it on loosely so that it doesn’t cinch your waist.

6.  Jackets-If you find you have a muffin top situation and you don’t have the time to run to the store and buy some new jeans or a longer shirt, throw on a jacket.  It will immediately cover up your muffin top and add a different dimension to your outfit.  This isn’t as practical during the summer months but as we approach the fall and winter seasons, it’s a viable way to hide that muffin top.

7.  Dresses-No one ever has a muffin top in a dress.  This is a surefire way to disguise the muffin top.  Besides, a cute dress is an easy way to get dressed and look great in no time.  If you don’t have any dresses, go out and buy some.  I’m not a big dress person either but it has been my goal to find cute dresses so I recommend it to everyone.

8.  Elastic waist-Shorts, pants and skirts with elastic waists will also cut down on the muffin top action.  I know you may be wrinkling up your nose at this suggestion but give it a try.  There are bottoms that come with elastic waists that you can wear without looking like you’re going to a retirement home.  Yoga pants are one great example.  I was watching an episode of Oprah a while back and it was about improving on the casual dress of several ladies.  One of the ladies was put in yoga pants and they were a great comfortable option that can easily be dressed up or down while keeping you looking polished.  Don’t balk at the elastic waisted bottoms, especially if you are a muffin top victim.  Check it out.  Give it a try.

9.  Layering-I’m talking about layering shirts.  It’s been a popular trend for a while now and it’s a great way to disguise a muffin top.  Keep it basic though.  The easiest way to layer in the summer months is with a longer tank top underneath a t-shirt.  It’s a great way to add a nice pop of color to a casual outfit while covering up a muffin top.  Once it gets cooler, you can layer a sweater over a button up shirt or layer with a twin set.

10.  High waisted bottoms or ruching-I combined these two because high waisted bottoms aren’t for everyone.  It can be a very cute look but PLEASE be honest with yourself when you attempt this trend.  When you put on high waisted pants, skirts or shorts, take a long look in the mirror.  If you look weird or jacked up in any way, slowly remove the bottoms and take them out of the dressing room.  If in doubt, leave them there and come back with your most honest friend for a critique.  Ruching is something that has become popular recently.  It’s most prevalent in shirts but you can find ruching in dresses and swimsuits (oh yeah!) as well.  This is another great way to camouflage that muffin top.  Here are some pictures of ruched shirts.

I hope these tips can help you muffin top sufferers to work through that issue.  I still stand 100% by the first tip of exercise.  This is the best way to completely get rid of that dreaded muffin top and maintain good health.  Healthy fashionistas always have a glow.  Glowing is most definitely fabulous!

Oh and I got the full length mirror.  It was $5 at Target so there is no excuse for you to not have one in your room asap.  As soon as I get my camera fixed, I will post that picture.

Stay fabulous!  It’s a mind set, embrace it.