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I know that some of you breathed a sigh of relief when cute, ballerina flats became popular and flatter heeled boots made a strong comeback. I do agree that flatter shoes making a comeback was definitely a good thing for those of us who needed a break from those 4 inch stilettos. Well the break is partially over…flat shoes are still very popular, however nothing is more sexy than a pair of high heeled sandals. It’s officially spring time and a great pair of high heels is a lovely compliment to a spring dress.

Wearing high heels isn’t something that always comes naturally, and that is totally understandable. For those of you who don’t feel comfortable throwing on a sexy pair of high heeled sandals, you can advance slowly from flats to heels. If you’re a rebel that throws caution to the wind, you can start out with two inch heels until you get totally comfortable in them and move up to three inch heels and so on. If you’re a bit more cautious, you can start with a cute pair of kitten heels and go from there.

Don’t shy away from those high heels! Besides, this spring thicker heels are coming back so you can make your way down the path of stilettos much easier. Once you’re comfortable wearing thicker three inch heels, you will find it easier to transition into those super thin stilettos in no time!

Plus, you may want to step into something like these babies!

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