Boutique Spotlight: Runway Rundown


This is a different type of Boutique Spotlight. Rather than highlighting an actual boutique, I want to feature this really cool website called Runway Rundown. This site helps you find those runway looks at more realistic prices. Since many of us aren’t lucky enough to be able to attend fashion shows and choose items right off the runway, Runway Rundown helps you create those looks yourself. Kimberly Hazle, the owner of Runway Rundown responded to the Clueless Glam Libs and shared some great insight about fashion and creativity.

What inspired the creation of Runway Rundown? I had a realization that life would be much more enjoyable if I did what I loved. From that day forward my partner and I started brainstorming ways for us to bring our interests and talents together and Runway Rundown was born.
What is one tip you would give to an up and coming designer? Don’t lose site of your vision. That’s another reason why Runway Rundown’s content is as specific as it is. We feature the designer look straight from the runway with the designer’s original inspiration featured. I’ve found that once clothes leave the runway the looks get chopped up for editorials and celebrity styling. My advice would be to keep with what inspires you and don’t loose that amongst a sea of designers vying for the top of the contemporary market.

Fashion is: Everywhere

Share a favorite quote that you use as a creative inspiration:
“Every artist was first an amateur.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Check out Runway Rundown and turn your runway dreams into your fashion reality!

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