How do I wear that trend…big jewelry


As we enter gracefully (yeah right…dog days of summer…it’s freakin hot and rainy!) into the fall, demure jewelry is starting to become popular, however big, bright accessories are still in vogue.  Although I’m not a big fan of wearing really large jewelry, I’ve seen it worn really well.

The main thing to do is try it on in the store.  Don’t walk out of the store with that awesome, big blue necklace without at least holding it up to yourself in front of a mirror.  Make sure that large accessory compliments you. For example, if you are a small person, you may want to delve lightly into the world of large accessories.  Stick with large earrings or a large ring and ease slowly into the large necklaces.  However on the flip side, if you are a woman that possess larger assets, you may want to be careful with large accessories as well.  A big, huge necklace resting on top of big, huge breasts can be distracting and not look very cute.  This goes for really big earrings as well.  Unless you are a drag queen, let’s try hard to leave the overly flashy, drag queen look to those fellas (ladies) that know how to work it so well.

big-jewelry4 big-jewelry2 big-jewelry3

So with the big jewelry trend, take your time.  Make sure that large, fabulous accessory compliments you and brings out the best in you and your outfit.  Don’t ever be dwarfed by your jewelry.

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