How do I wear that trend…shift dresses

Our new first lady is quite popular and her conservative but polished style has become quite the rage on the fashion blogs and in fashion news.  One classic piece that she made popular once again was the shift dress.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with a shift dress, here’s a picture.  I’m sure once you see it you will know exactly what it is.  You just may not know that it is called a shift dress.


shift dress from

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So now that you know what a shift dress is, you should get excited!  Shift dresses are wonderful creations because they are so simple but they can make you look instantly polished and well put together.  All you have to do is put on a nice shift dress with some simple jewelry and voila, you look great!  I have and always will be a fan of the shift dress.  Plus, they’re great classic pieces that can be worn from season to season, year after year.  They’re one of those great pieces that never go out of style.


So for you clueless fashionistas that aren’t very daring, this is a great piece to incorporate into your wardrobe.  In fact, you can have more than one shift dress in a variety of colors.  You can wear a shift dress with a jacket or without one.  You can wear it with large, funky jewelry or you can wear it with a simple set of pearls.  So go out and get your shift dress.  And if you visit the web address under the image, you will see a page full of different types of shift dresses.  It’s a great reference if you’re not sure what direction you want to take your shift dress search in.  Happy shopping!