Guest Post: Hairstyle Trends for 2011

Do you feel sick and tired of your look? Are you looking for a cool new do? One of the best ways to get a fresh look is to go for a new hairstyle. You can go through fashion magazines or websites to know about the hottest trends of the season. You can also copy the hairstyles of your favorite celebrities if the style suits you. Celebrities are the riches sources of inspiration.

Another great way of getting a glimpse of the hottest trends of the year is to be updated about the major fashion weeks. Checking out 2011 New York fashion week or Paris fashion week will give you an idea about the hottest trend of the year. But you should be brave enough to do a little experimenting with hairstyle that will give you a fresh new look.

Hottest hairstyle trends for 2011:

hairstyle-how-to-extreme-side-parted-silky-straight-hairSuper Straight: The timeless appeal of this hairstyle makes it a favorite of many women. If you have long or medium length hair, you can opt for this style. This style is suitable for all events from formal to casual. A soft layered straight hairstyle with a sleek finish will enhance your seductiveness. A blunt cut will also look good on you if your hair is thick. This kind of hairstyle will add a touch of volume to your tresses and keep your hair in place.

extreme-side-parted-silky-straight-hairstyle2 hair2011

hair2011-2Midi Style: As far as fashion is concerned, ‘midi’ is undoubtedly a buzzword. Whether it is dress or hair cut, midi is the right choice for all women irrespective of their age. It can make you look stylish and at the same time it requires low maintenance. Opt for a sharp cut for a sexier look or go for a soft layering that can give you a mystifying allure.


Long Wavy Hairstyle:

hair2011-3 Wavy hairstyles are in high demand this year. It will give you a glamorous look. But if you opt for this style, make sure you invest enough time for care and styling. Those who want a natural sublime look should go for long curly hair. Maintain the hair properly and keep the waves subtle and you are sure to catch every eye around you.

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