Maintain your hair while you work out-guest post by Mandrill Hardge

This month’s hair advice is in conjunction with fitness goals. It’s getting hotter and hotter and I am more than positive that you beautiful ladies are eagerly waiting to hit the treadmill or even take those brisk walks and jogging sessions in your local park. Oh yeah, I haven’t forgot about those of you that have already signed up for swimming 101!


* In order to maintain those straight tresses, be sure to keep hair brushed back into a loose ponytail that is positioned in the middle of the head.

* Go by your local Sally’s Beauty Supply and ask for the terry cloth head wrap for spas. Wearing this during your treadmill time or jogs will help to keep the scalp from becoming too wet and messing up your press or your style.

* For those that are swimming regularly, there is a shampoo and conditioner formulated to remove the chlorine from your hair and keep hair in healthy condition. You may also pick this up at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply.

* The most important advice for this time of year is to make sure that you are seeing your licensed hair care specialist on a regular basis. Regular means bi-weekly if not weekly.

These are tips and product suggestions that I make for my clientele and the results are outstanding.

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