How do I wear that trend…statement necklaces

I’ve been noticing this term, statement jewelry, being said a lot lately when it comes to fashion trends and great ways to add some spice to your wardrobe.

I realize that many of you may not really know what a piece of statement jewelry is.  Well, I’m here to shed some light on the subject.

Statement necklaces are really large, eye catching necklaces.  Here is a picture of a necklace that would be considered a statement necklace:


Large Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet from

There is also other statement jewelry in the picture, but let’s focus on the necklace.  In essence, the statement necklace is any really large.  I know those can be intimidating to those of you who wear no jewelry or very little jewelry, but don’t be afraid.  Here are some ways you can ease into statement jewelry a bit.

statement-necklaces2 statement-necklaces4

1.  Start light.  Get a long necklace that can be looped more than once around your neck.  You will be doing the statement trend but in a way that may be easier to digest.  Once you realize how fabulous this looks, you should be able to get a larger necklace.

2.  Wear two necklaces at once.  This is another way to ease into the trend without feeling overwhelmed.  You can get two inexpensive necklaces of varying sizes and just wear them together.

3.  Wear a shirt with an attached necklace.  I’ve noticed a trend in stores where they are selling shirts that come with necklaces attached.  Oftentimes the attached necklace is a nice size and with it being attached to the shirt, you may not feel like you’re wearing statement jewelry.

Good luck jumping into the statement necklace trend.  Please send me questions if you need help diving in.

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