Product Review: L’oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator and One Sweep Eye Shadow

Late last year I joined this really cool website called BzzAgent. It’s a site where you sign up to learn about cool opportunities to review products, websites and other programs. It’s free to join. If you’re interested in that type of thing, you should definitely sign up.

Thanks to the folks over at BzzAgent, I had an opportunity to review the L’oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator and the One Sweep Eye Shadow. I really like both products and I think that they’re great for makeup newbies or beginners who want to branch out but aren’t sure what products to buy.

one-sweep-eye-shadowThe L’oreal Studio Secrets One Sweep Eye Shadow is a really cool concept because it’s created to make applying eye shadow really easy. If you want to branch out with eye shadow and don’t want to wear just one color, this is a great product to add to your makeup bag. The brush may look a little odd, but when you pick it up, it’s surprisingly easy to use (and I often have butter fingers when I’m applying my makeup). You just take the rounded side and run it through the shadow then spread it on your eye lid and viola, you have a great looking eye. Plus, L’oreal made it even easier by creating shadow groups that are specifically for certain eye colors. I used the one called “Playful” for brown eyes and it has a great mixture of purple, gold and pink in it. It’s very pretty! I did the one sweep and was very pleased with how it looked. It’s great for everyday wear plus it’s very quick to apply. You don’t have to worry about taking 15 minutes to put on your makeup. You can apply this is less than a minute. Then if you want to be more detailed and use each color separately, it gives a much more dramatic look that could be a good transition into night time. However, if you prefer your eyes to really pop at night, you may want to go for brighter, more sparkly colors. But if you’re more understated and don’t like your makeup to stand out too much, this is a great shadow to pop into your purse. It retails for about $5 or so and you can get it from any drug store, grocery store or discount store like Wal-mart that sells L’oreal.

loreal-double-extend-eye-illuminatorThe L’oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara is a product I was itching to try. I was so excited to see BzzAgent doing a campaign to review it, I jumped at the chance. When it arrived, I put it on the next day even though I didn’t have anywhere special to go but I wanted to test out my new sparkly lashes. I followed the instructions but wasn’t satisfied with the level of sparkle. I wanted my lashes to really pop so the next day I layered it on much more heavily. It was fabulous! My lashes really stood out and I felt a touch more glamorous. Plus, this product comes in colors to highlight specific eye colors as well. I wouldn’t suggest using this if you need your mascara to plump your lashes a lot since the actual mascara in this double sided wand only coated my lashes. However, if you use a plumping mascara and then go over it with the dark side once and the sparkly side a few times, your lashes will really be fab. I got the one for brown eyes and it really did a great job of making them sparkle…literally!  It also retails for about $5 or so at any drug store, grocery store or discount store like Wal-mart.

Overall, these were two really cool products and I will definitely be working them into my makeup bag. I will be looking into branching out in terms of the different colors I try but I will be trying them out. Since they’re not super expensive, it won’t kill my shopping budget either.


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