Product Review-Marika Dry Wik Tee


I’ve never been one to feel the need to go out and get clothes to work out in. I would throw on a pair of shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt and that would be enough. As I have moved from an occasional exercise person to someone who needs to do it at least three to four times a week, I began to realize that having clothes designed for working out is helpful.

I was excited to try the Marika Dry Wik Tee because I sweat a lot when I workout and my trusty t-shirts aren’t the best at absorbing moisture. When I first put on my Marika tee, I noticed how it fit really well. I tend to wear a sports bra and regular bra because my girls are on the larger side and can be kind of heavy when I’m running so proper support is important to me.

Well, the Marika tee gave some great support. I put it on to do some hiking up a local mountain called Stone Mountain. It’s not super strenuous but it is a workout, especially if you do it in this hot weather. I was pleasantly surprised that it felt like the tee was actually pulling the moisture away from my skin. I was sweating but my skirt was absorbing most of it. Then I washed it and took it for another test run while I did an Insanity workout. Again, it pulled the sweat away from my body.

I’m a fan of the Marika Dry Wik Tee. I’ve work shirts that were supposed to help keep me dry and they did ok but never this well. They sell for $28 on the Marika website. That’s a great price for the value and how well they hold up after washing.

I also did a review of their Slimming Capri Pants and those were great too. They were great to wear as I experienced my first mud run. Thumbs up Marika!

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