Comic Con Style

About a week or so ago, I was embarking on quite a few firsts. I had my first trip on Frontier Airlines and then Southwest Airlines (both were good experiences). I had my first trip to California and my first time attending Comic Con.

Comic Con

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Comic Con is the largest comic book convention in the world. It takes place in San Diego and essentially thousands of comic book fans converge on the city for four days to discuss, buy, demo and experience the latest in comics. As the convention has grown, so has its notoriety. The press tends to cover the convention, the celebs attending and the costumes. As anyone who is a part of the comic book community knows, they can be quite serious about their characters. So many of the attendees go all out to dress as their favorite comic book/sci-fi/fantasy/horror characters.

But being the Clueless Fashionista, I quickly noticed that there is a cool style aesthetic among the non costumed set attending Comic Con. So while many people focus on the costumes, I wanted to highlight some of the stylish yet comfortable outfits worn by people at Comic Con. As you can see from my picture above, I went for easy, breezy comfortable style and wore flats most of the time. My gladiator sandals were wonderful assets!



I saw her great dress and cute boots that looked oh so comfy and I had to stop and snap her pic. As it turns out, she’s a writer and artist with some really cool work. Check out her website


When I initially saw her, I thought she was wearing a cute, flowing dress. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was indeed two separate pieces of two different, but similar prints. This is a great example of how mixing two prints can work wonderfully. Also, I thought she looked familiar and then I realized why. She plays Lourdes on one of my new favorite shows, Falling Skies.



I wanted to show the guys some love as well and this gentleman is a great example of how you can be comfortable but stylish. It is possible for guys to look easy breezy as well.

I am a big fan of colored skinny jeans and wedges and she put them together in a really cute way that works well in a big conference that involves lots of walking.


This is a great way to incorporate some staples together and look stylish while wearing classics. This, ladies, is why we all need a classic white shirt.

I had a great time at Comic Con and I enjoyed scouting people who were casually stylish.

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