30 Days of Beauty Tips


This past May, I had an opportunity to share a few of my go to beauty tips on this very cute blog, Beauty and Fashion Tech Blog. The entire month was devoted to beauty tips from different bloggers. There were lots of great tips that I will feature later but this post is to share the tips I submitted with you.

30 Days of Beauty Day 9: Treat Your Hair Right

I shared a great tip towards the end of the post about putting fragrance in your hair. Plus this post is very informative as it touches on tips for a variety of hair types.

30 Days of Beauty Day 5: Get Smooth Skin with the Right Moisturizer

In honor of my birthday (I think that was a cool accident), I was featured in the May 6 post about moisturizing your skin. I’m very big on proper and consistent moisture, especially since I have dry skin. There are lots of other good tips for different skin types.

30 Days of Beauty Day 3: Keeping it Clean: Makeup Removal and Cleansing

I shared makeup removal tip that I just used last night. It always works in a pinch or when you’re allergic to other makeup removers (darn my overly sensitive skin. my darn eyebrows are itching as I type, ugh!). Plus, cleansing is an important step in the skin care process so check out the other tips in this very informative post.

So there you have it, my beauty tips on the Beauty and Tech Blog. It’s also a great blog that offers wonderful beauty, style and tech tips.

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