Tanning Faux Pas: Mismatching Your Hair Color and Skin Tone-guest post by Danielle

Since tanning isn’t something that I have experience with, here’s a great guest post from Danielle of beltsandbangles.com on how to make the most of your summer tan by choosing the right hair color to compliment it.


Accentuating beauty goes deeper than makeup these days. The advances in tanning have given women control over their own skin tone creating a big problem: mismatched hair and skin. With the ability to change skin tone, picking the right shade for hair is a bit more complex than it used to be, but celebs like Rachel McAdams have mastered the process. She doesn’t just change her locks, she changes her look. It is a subtle adjustment but effective. When her hair has an auburn hue, her skin tone is milky. Dark hair calls for warmer choices in makeup and skin coloring. A golden blonde shade will bring out the flavor you get from tanning salons. With a little practice, you can match your hair color to your skin tone capturing a bit of McAdams’ beauty mastery.

What Comes Naturally

With the tanning options available today, there is no reason you can’t have the look you want for both your skin and hair. The first step is to figure out what color goes well with your natural skin tone. Warm skin has a pink flush or darker pigmentation. Cool skin tone is pale with less coloring. An easy formula to remember for matching hair color to skin tone is warm goes with warm. Hair in warm shades coordinates well with warm skin tones.

Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones

Strawberry blonde Auburn Chestnut brown


Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones

Red Intense brown Platinum blond


Making a Change

If your skin has a natural, cool tone and you want to keep it that way, stick with a cool shade for your hair color. If you want to warm up both your hair and skin, hit a tanning salon before deciding which hair color will fit your new look. Consider getting professional help if you decide to make a drastic change in either skin or hair color to avoid a serious mismatch. It will be worth the money to go to a salon for advice.


Things to Remember

When it comes time to pick a hair shade, keep these tips in mind, especially if you are going to color at home.

  • Stay within two shades of your current hair color. You can pick a color that’s either lighter or darker, but don’t make a more drastic change on your own. You know that girl down the street that ended up with orange hair? She forgot this rule.
  • If you are not sure whether the hair color you want is a good choice for your skin tone, use a semi-permanent color product. This gives you a preview. If it looks good, you can use a permanent shade next time you color.
  • Highlights are sometimes a better option than a completely new hair color. The change is more natural and less likely to conflict with your skin tone.
  • If the color appears too dark, wash your hair two or three times with dish-washing soap to soften the shade.

It is never easy to decide what colors are right for you. Sometimes asking a friend for suggestions gives you enough confidence to make a change. When in doubt, spend the money to go to the salon. The next time, you might be able to color your own hair using the same shade. Whether you’re starting a new job, planning for a special event or just want something different, color coordinating your hair and skin tone will give you that Rachel McAdams fresh appeal.

Danielle is a full-fledged, no apologies, into-the-trenches thrift store warrior. When she isn’t scouting out her next hot find; she blogs for Sears and other brands she uses. She’s found everything from jumpsuits to grass skirts to a wedding dress and gotten the old lady smell out of all of them. Read her fashionably thrifty musings on beltsandbangles.com.

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