How do I wear that trend…suede colored shoes

Growing up, I always stayed away from wearing suede shoes of any kind, mainly because whenever it was most appropriate to wear them, it would rain.  And as you may know, suede shoes and rain do not mix.  However, as I got older, I began to open up more to suede shoes and have owned several pair over the years.


This trend of wearing suede colored shoes is a cool one because designers have begun to create a wide variety of suede shoes.  There used to be a time when suede shoes were mainly boots or shoes that covered your whole foot. There were occasionally colored suede shoes but they were mostly black, brown or gray. Now, you can find suede sandals that come in black, brown, pink, yellow, blue and even rainbow colors.  As a self-professed shoe fanatic, I find it wonderful.

Plus, suede colored shoes are great transition pieces.  I do realize it’s winter time and many of you are only wearing close-toed shoes or boots but if you want to be a little fancy, you can put on some open-toed suede shoes in a bright color with stockings (ones without the reinforced toe).  Below are some pictures of different types of suede shoes in great colors.


These are a great pair of Chloe blue suede shoes that are closed-toe, but still stylish and cute.  You can wear these types of shoes in the winter as well as in the spring.


Now these are some wonderful, pink, suede sandals by my favorite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin.  While these are definitely not budget friendly, but they are wonderful to behold. Besides these are just examples of shoes you could wear that are suede sandals.  These are an example of the type of suede sandals that can be worn with stockings in the winter.  These shoes can transition from summer to fall to spring and into winter, if you are comfortable wearing them with stockings or if you live in a city where the winters are mild.

Ultimately, I want to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion.  Be open to expanding your wardrobe.  As I always say, shoes are a great way to go a little wild and crazy with colors and fabric.