NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt


I had a complete brain freeze and missed writing yesterday and the freeze has carried over thanks to a lovely night out that included an interesting drinking game. So I decided to use one of the writing prompts. This one stuck out to me and forced me to think twice. So here goes..

What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

I have the hardest time talking about myself in general. I blame it on an overwhelming sense of modesty but when I look back at my life and some of the things I’ve done, I realize that I’m a really brave person. I always rationalize it that I’m doing what is necessary for me to step outside of myself and have the life I really want but many people don’t do that. Recently I did something that was very brave with my business partner.

We had an idea for a creative technology festival and we had it last month. It is called Women Interactive and it’s the first creative technology festival for women of color. I will blame my Taurean stubbornness and desire to live out loud for pushing both of us through those tough times when we had our reservations and occasional fears. Thankfully those times never happened simultaneously. We knew we were taking on something big but it still hasn’t hit me how big just yet. It’s a slow process of realizing. Learn more about Women Interactive on the website

It was one of the bravest things we’ve done to date and we have so much more things we want to take on that I’m both excited and nervous about the future. I read a quote once that said “If your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough.”

Well my dreams can be quite scary at times and I love it!

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