Holiday Gift Guide-Round 3

Christmas is less than a week away. Yes, I do realize that you don’t need another reminder from me about this, but this isn’t a reminder. This is more of a suggestion for you to consider giving yourself a post holiday treat. In this round of the Holiday Gift Guide, I will feature more of the designers/boutiques that were highlighted on the blog during the year. However, rather than encouraging you to visit them to purchase Christmas gifts, I want to encourage you to visit these sites over the next couple of days and get a little something for yourself. This is a perfect time to take advantage of the slow down in the mail delivery that will take place due to the holidays. If you visit these sites before Christmas and place an order, you can have whatever you purchase sent to you post Christmas but pre-New Year. What’s not to love about getting a little “surprise” package in the mail after you’ve survived Christmas? This is the best kind of peer pressure…

Shabby Apple


This fabulous online boutique features a wide variety of designers selling everything from super cute dresses to accessories at very reasonable prices. Plus, they have a feature where they will suggest items according to your body type! I really love that feature. Visit them and take advantage of free holiday shipping

Island Belle Boutique


If you’ve never owned a handmade item, you should definitely visit this wonderful boutique of handmade goods. With the most expensive item currently at $20, you won’t feel bad about adding this to your personal holiday gift list. Take a moment and browse around



If you’re a fan of designer goods but can’t spend a lot, especially because it’s the holidays and your holiday shopping has depleted your shopping budget, visit this designer’s boutique for some great pieces. Plus, if you’re still looking for a fabulous New Year’s ensemble, this is a great place to check out. Go, shop!

LAB Consignment

Who doesn’t love a boutique where you can purchase pieces from today and yesterday? This online boutique features fabulous vintage pieces as well as current pieces that will fit well within your wardrobe. Visit their website now to see what fabulous pieces you can score and make sure to check back often because their inventory is always being updated.

Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie


There’s nothing better than wearing a pair of wonderfully sexy underwear. Plus, if you’re going to be spending the New Year’s with your significant other or that special someone, this is a great place to visit to get those special garments to go under your clothes. Check them out

Bella Dawn

If you ever wished you had access to the mind of a celebrity stylist, this boutique is the answer to that wish. Owned by Celebrity Stylist, Dawn Del Russo, the pieces in this boutique are in line to the types of pieces she uses to style her high profile clients, without the celebrity prices. If you need an ensemble for an upcoming New Year’s event, this is a great place to get your dress, accessories and makeup. Go browse around

La Alicia


This eco-friendly boutique has some wonderful items that are easy on the earth while being cute, unique and budget friendly. There is a wide variety of accessories to choose from, including some great clutches that will definitely stand out when you’re carrying it. Visit and get yourself a little something

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season with plans to end the year enjoyably. Make sure you visit all of the fabulous online boutiques and treat yourself. I’m sure you deserve it!

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