Reporting back from New York…clothes on the street

It is well known that New York is the fashion capitol of the US.  Some would say it’s the fashion capitol of the world but I won’t make that proclamation, especially with cities like Milan and Tokyo holding it down overseas.  However, while I was up there for 2009 Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week, I decided to do a little observing and see what the ladies in the fashion capitol of the US were wearing.


It’s so easy to people watch in New York because the major modes of transportation is by foot, taxi or public transportation.  People are walking all over the place so one day while I ate lunch before going to work the Tony Cohen fashion show, I did a little people watching.  I noticed that the main thing for ladies in New York at this time of year was layers.  Since it does get quite cold there in the winter, layering is important, especially when you’re doing a lot of walking outside.  In spite of their penchant for layering, I quickly noticed that the layering was often done in a chic and cute way.  So that was the key.  Cute layering was the name of the game for fashion in New York.  So if you want to step up your trend appeal, here is a picture of the “New York look” for you to duplicate or adapt to your own wardrobe.  I highly suggest adapting it because some of us in the warmer states would be hard pressed to sport this look as often as we may like.


pea coat, jeans and boots from


This is just one example of the look I saw on the streets of New York.  You can adapt it in any way you prefer.  Here is a list of the items of clothings that I saw most prevalently when I fashion watched in New York City.

1.  Pea coats: these were a great way to stay warm but look great while doing it

2.  Knee high boots with low heels or flats: since they do so much walking, this was a practical thing. If you are in a city that is more car focused, you can play with the heel height.

3.  Tights: I saw mostly dark colors like black, purple, grey and brown

4.  Skinny jeans or leggings tucked into boots


If you have a style trend that is very prevalent in your city, send them my way.  Shoot me an email at info at cluelessfashionista dot com.  I have to keep the spam low by writing out the email address.  I would love to feature clothes on the street from your city.

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