How do I wear that trend…leggings


The temps are changing!  Slowly but surely, the weather is warming up.  I’m sure it’s much slower for some of you in the northern portion of the US and much faster for those of you in the western portion of the US.  But for me, down here in Atlanta, it’s starting to improve now that we’ve had our random snow storm for the year.   Well the trend for today is one that can be worn during the winter months and the spring months.  You may not be able to pull it off comfortably in the hot summer months when its in the 90s and above but its definitely doable on those milder summer days.  So in essence, leggings can be worn all year round.  They made a big comeback last year and are still holding strong.


I will say, though, that leggings can’t be worn by everyone.  Because they’re very fitted pants, some people won’t be flattered by them.  Before delving into the legging trend, I would suggest you go to a store where you can try some on.  Since they’re pants rather than stockings, you could easily go to any store that carries them and see how they look on you.  I would recommend visiting a Target or Walmart store.  I know they sell them there and if you decide to make the purchase, you won’t be killing your budget.


Now if you decide to go try some on, take an honest person with you.  These are the types of pants that can look great when worn properly and can look completely horrible if worn improperly.  Make sure you take full advantage of the three way mirror on this one too.

Ok, now that you’ve done the test run and determined that leggings look good on you, it’s time to work them into your wardrobe.  There are a few ways to wear leggings.  A great way for those of us that aren’t so adventurous is to layer them under a short dress or a long shirt.  One way to dress up this look is by adding some knee high boots (which look great with leggings) and/or a belt around your waist or hips.  If you’re more adventurous, you can wear the leggings with a short, fitted shirt and layer over a vest.  I’ve seen this look be really cute and I’ve seen it be not so cute so be cautious.  Make sure you use your full length mirror (that we should all have at home per my post about having a full length mirror) and check the front and back of that outfit before you exit your house.


Leggings are a cute trend that can be a bit tricky if not done properly.  If you decide to partake in the legging trend, just make sure you are completely honest with yourself.  Don’t do the trend if it doesn’t flatter you.  There’s nothing worse than looking bad in a trendy outfit.

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