How do I wear that trend…snakeskin shoes


I was quite pleased to see snakeskin shoes as one of the hot fall trends for 2011. In recent years, I have become a big fan of animal print in manageable doses. Shoes is the best way to wear a sassy animal print while keeping the rest of your outfit simple and classic. It makes your shoes the statement piece and they will really pop.

And you know how much I love it when a fabulous pair of shoes are allowed to pop.

If you’re unsure how to work those snakeskin shoes into your wardrobe here are some colors they will go well with.

snakeskin-shoes5 snakeskin-shoes2

1. Black. If you’re the type to wear all black often, a pair of snakeskin shoes are a great pop of color, so to speak.

2. Red. With red or any other bright color, snakeskin becomes the neutral and pulls it all together. Wear them with a great red dress or a cute red top and jeans.

3. Gray. Most snakeskin shoes have some type of the color gray in them so this is an easy match without being too matchy matchy.

snakeskin-shoes3 snakeskin-shoes_n

If your shoe wardrobe consists mainly of black and brown shoes, branch out with a pair of snakeskin shoes. If you’re unsure, go with a pair of snakeskin pumps. You can’t go wrong with snakeskin pumps!

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