Brighten up your face with blush!

When I wanted to wear more makeup, blush was one of the first things I wanted to incorporate. I think blush is a great makeup item for anyone to wear because adding a little color to your cheeks can really brighten your complexion. I’ve work blush when I felt tired and run down and it make me look more perky so I felt more perky. I wrote a post a few years ago (Blushing Beauties) and I wanted to revisit the topic with another, informative video.

That’s the wonderful thing about makeup. If you use it correctly, it can help boost your mood when you need it. I wanted to share some tips on how to apply blush so I found a video by MakeupGeek. She does great videos and explains things really well so I suggest you check her out after you watch this video. She shows how to best apply blush and contour your face. Please share your blush pictures with me. Email them to info [at] cluelessfashionista [dot] com.

Enjoy and happy blushing!!

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