National Food Bloggers Bake Sale

Ok, I’m sure you’re looking at the title thinking that this is not a food blog by any means and you would be right. However, I do enjoy watching The Food Network and trying new recipes. Plus, one thing I’ve learned about looking good is that it includes taking care of your total body, inside and out. So as I work to improve my total well being, I’ve begun to pay more attention to the type of food I put in my body, hence my participation in this bake sale.

I learned about the National Food Bloggers Bake Sale on twitter. The Georgia coordinator of the event was this lovely lady named Tami Hardeman who is an Atlanta-based food stylist who runs the blog, She posted about the bake sale and said they were looking for food bloggers or bloggers who like food. Since I fall in the second category, I volunteered to make some vanilla chocolate cherry cookies and help out day of the event.


It was a beautiful day in Atlanta for the sale and the goodies that had been donated were wonderful. This was definitely not your typical bake sale. There was fresh baked brioche, pumpkin bread, rosemary shortbread cookies, cocochip doodles, red velvet minis, chocolate sheet cake, chocolate candies, chocolate chip cookies, rice krispy treats and so many more goodies. It was all very beautifully packaged and all of the proceeds went to Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending child hunger. I made a lovely slide show with some pictures from the event. Check them out!

I spent the morning with some lovely food bloggers with equally lovely blogs.

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