How do I wear that trend…wedge shoes

If you hadn’t noticed, wedges are in full effect this summer. This is fabulous because wedges are a great summer shoe that comes in a variety of styles and heights. If you are usually one to wear flats, you can always get a cute one to two inch wedge and it will help you to transition into higher heels. If you are the one rocking four inch heels and higher, there are wedges for you as well. Plus, many wedges have a cool platform in the front which can make the highest heels very comfortable.


If you’re not sure how to work wedges into your wardrobe, rest easy. You can start with a neutral color like brown, black or beige (or any tan color neutral) and try them with any outfit. The cool thing about wedges is that they go with skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, etc.

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