How to choose your glasses-Guest post by Louise Ryan

How to choose glasses that complement your image and suit your face shape


When choosing a pair of glasses it’s important to select frames that will complement your image and flatter your face. Find out what face shape you’ve got below and buy prescription glasses that will look great.

1. Square face

If you’ve got a square face then it’s wise to opt for glasses that are round or oval. Curved frames will help soften a square jaw line and will work well with a larger forehead. Because your face is as wide as it is long, you should avoid square or rectangular shaped frames as these could accentuate rigid lines.

Always take your time choosing the right frame and opt for something you feel comfortable in.

2. Round face

A round face shape is significantly different from a square face shape as you’ll have neatly rounded cheeks and a wide forehead. Your face will be in proportion, but it’ll probably be rather short in height. If you think you fall into this category then you can wear square or rectangular frames as they’ll give your face more definition. Be bold by selecting a dark-colored frame, but avoid round glasses like the plague.

3. Oval face

Most glasses suit people with an oval face shape, so it’s time to head down to the opticians and buy a decent pair of specs. Because your face is well-balanced you’ll find that most frames look great, but take your time selecting something you feel comfortable in. Check out the latest Gok Wan glasses or take a look at the Karen Millen range.

4. Heart-shaped face

If you’ve got a heart-shaped face, you’ll be happy to know that you can wear both round and square frames so long as they’re slender and don’t swamp your face. Because you have a wide forehead, but a small chin, it’s advisable to avoid designs with extra width at the top. Choosing the right specs will help balance out your face shape and enhance your looks.

5. Oblong face

If you’ve got a long face with high cheek bones and a deep forehead, you’ve an oblong face shape. The great news is that you can go for thick, wide frames that can really spice up your look. Avoid subtle frames and instead opt for bold frames that accentuate the width of your face. Take a look at the fabulous specs by Jasper Conran or check out FCUK Vision.

Choosing glasses should be fun no matter what your face shape, so head along to your optician and select your frames carefully.

Currently living in Manchester, England. Louise has been a writer and a blogger for over 3 years currently specializing in health, beauty & fashion.

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