Back to Basics: Lipstick vs Lip gloss

My mom was a consistent lipstick wearer when I was growing up. In fact, that was really the only makeup she wore. She would often put on dark red or burgundy lipstick and go. It looked cool on her but when I tried lipstick myself, I didn’t like it. It felt too thick for me and heavy on my lips. Plus the color was often jarring. Now this could be because my mom is a few shades darker than me and I was often trying her lipstick but it always looked too dark/bright.

Eventually, I stumbled across lip gloss and fell in love. I enjoyed the shine and the flavors. I liked how it made my lips look without all of the extra color. I’ve been wearing lip gloss ever since. Whenever I go shopping for lip gloss, it’s an adventure. I enjoy browsing the different glosses and colors and figuring out which will work best on me. Now, I have friends who feel the same way about lipstick. In fact, one of my good friends can’t wear lip gloss because they often dry her lips out so she wears lipstick instead. I recently realized that the world is made up of two groups; lip gloss wearers and lipstick wearers. Many women choose a side as young girls and stick with it as they grow up. But for those of you who didn’t experiment early on, here are a few pros for both.



1. Deep, pigmented color

2. Often acts as a moisturizer

3. Dark colors can be used as a teeth whitener

4. Great as a pop of color


Lip gloss

1. Great shine

2. Can be worn alone to add polish to a bare face

3. Cool flavors

4. Light color for those intimidated by a lot of color on the face


Now those are just a few positives on the side of both lipstick and lip gloss. You can also combine the two for double benefit. If you have a bright or deep colored lipstick, a shimmery gloss can tame the color and add some shine. This is for you daring ladies who don’t mind really experimenting with your makeup (which I encourage wholeheartedly). And now I want to hear from you. Do you prefer lipstick or lip gloss and why?

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