Outfit of the Day-Summer Dress for the Winter

I was unsure about what to wear yesterday so while I was walking around the house in partial pajamas (who else does this? tell the truth), I turned on the Wendy Williams Show.

Initially I was just listening to her do the hot topics and not really watching the screen. I looked up and noticed her outfit. It was super cute. Then as I walked towards my closet to figure out what to wear for the day, I had a burst of inspiration. I would take my summer dress and do something similar to what Wendy was wearing. Here’s what she was wearing:

Here’s the link to the description of her outfit:


And this is what I put together:

For my outfit, I wore a sleeveless dress under a black cardigan with a red belt and black tights. I wore two wooden bangles as arm candy and motorcycle boots. I’ve been doing a 30 day cardio challenge (post about that coming soon) and I’m just way too sore for heels right now so I am working flats or low heels into all of my outfits.

So tell me. How have you adapted your summer pieces for the cool, winter months?

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