New Social Shopping Site Launches for the

There’s a new way to shop online and experts say this one’s for keeps….it’s called The web’s best source of amazing products and finds curated and pulled together by… Real people with unreal taste. What they call “keepers.”

Maryann Bekkedahl, President of Keep holdings says, “One of the greatest things about is the keepers themselves…the people who bring product from across the web into Keep. They’re curators, bloggers, moms with passion for baby stuff, they’re regular people who have a particular passion or enthusiasm for products…an amazing mix, from fashion to accessories handbags, jewelry, home décor, kid’s stuff, gadgets.”

You can discover and buy thousands and thousands of unique products that have already been brought to the site. Or clip items you like and bookmark to buy for later. Just sign up at to start shopping keeper’s collections or become a keeper yourself and before you know it people are going to start following you! Everyone wants to follow other keepers to stay in touch with the great stuff and great perspective and the great inspirations that each keeper brings to the service.

Happy keeping!

For more information or to sign up, visit

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