Cleaning your makeup brushes

I heard my official Christmas song on the radio the other day so now in my mind it is officially the holidays.  For anyone who’s curious, the song is “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway.  Once I hear that song, it truly feels like Christmas for me.  Ok, back to the blog subject at hand.

I’ve started to talk about makeup brushes and featured a video or two about how to choose one or using one in applying your makeup.  As a makeup brush newbie, I am quickly learning how much easier it is to get the most desired results when you use a makeup brush rather than what is typically provided for you in the makeup packaging.  Now if you typically buy your makeup from a counter or store like Mac or Lancome, you may not get the applicators that can come with the drug store makeup like CoverGirl or Wet N Wild (don’t knock it.  They make some good products.  You just have to try them out but at those low prices, it’s worth the gamble.  I have sensitive skin and have never broken out using their products either).  However, as someone who uses Mac for some things but drug store brands for others, I typically used the applicator provided to apply my makeup.  I have recently started using brushes and the blending and coverage control is much better with a brush.  With that being said, brushes are typically something you would keep long term (at least 3 months, if not longer) and they need to be cleaned regularly.  I found a great video about how to properly clean your makeup brushes from the lovely, xteener on youtube.  I’ve posted a few of her videos and I like how thorough she is with spelling things out.  Even if you don’t think you need to, check out this video.  It’s only 7:37 long so it won’t take much time out of your day and it’s very helpful.  I figured I was doing everything OK with my brush cleaning and I learned a helpful tip.

If you’d like to check out more of her videos, visit her page on youtube: Happy brush washing!

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