How do I wear that trend…animal print shoes

As I observe people and how they incorporate different trends, I’ve noticed one major issue with the animal print trend.

animal-print-shoes4 animal-print-shoes

People tend to over do it.

I wrote a post about the proper way to wear animal print called Animal Print…Rawr! Check it out because it gives great tips (if I should say so myself) on how to effectively incorporate animal print into your wardrobe.  Well, I want to address animal print shoes.  They’ve become trendy as of late and they are a great trend. If you wear a great pair of animal print shoes, it can make your entire outfit pop.  However, there are some ways to do it and not look like you’re wearing a costume.

1.  Don’t mix animal prints.  I cover this tip in the previous post I wrote, but I thought it needed repeating.

2.  Build your outfit around the shoes. The best way to not clash with your animal print shoes is to make them the base of your outfit.

3.  Stick with neutral colors when you wear your animal prints. If you use the animal print as a pop of color, it will definitely cut down on clashing outfits.  Wear animal prints with neutral colors like black, brown, tan, etc. This way the animal print will be the stand out in your outfit and shoes are good stand out pieces.

These are just some suggestions to get you started wearing animal print shoes. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with them, you can be more daring. But I suggest easing into it and working your way up to daring. You may overwhelm yourself if you start out daring.  Below are some pictures of great animal print shoes. You don’t have to get these exact ones, but maybe they will inspire you to get some that are similar.


These are some great giraffe print guess pumps. You can wear these with a brown or tan outfit. If you’re feeling more comfortable, you could do them with black or red, too.


These are some super cute, leopard print gladiator pumps. These would be great with black or reds. They are definitely very eye-catching, but would be great with a simple outfit.


Now I am a fan of zebra print because it’s basic black and white. It’s clean and crisp and can go well with black, white or even red. Now you could wear it with other colors, but this is for entry level animal print wear. These are some hot Giuseppe Zanotti pumps that definitely fall in the higher range in terms of cost, but you can use these as a model and get some shoes with a similar feel at a lower cost.

leopard-print-shoes3 leopard-print-shoes2

I’m a big fan of shoes and I love wearing a basic outfit with some show stopping heels.  One of my favorite places to shop for cute shoes without breaking my budget is Cutesy  Check out their site because I know they have some animal print shoes on the site.  That’s not an affiliate link, either. I just really like their shoes.

Happy shoe shopping!

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