Product Review-Dorfman Pacific Straw Hat

I love hats!


But, alas, hats don’t always love me. I’m always saddened when I find a super cute hat and try it on only to have it not fit. When I started wearing my hair in kinky twists, I gave up on wearing hats altogether. The added hair volume only served to heighten the issue.

I was hesitant to review the Dorfman Pacific Straw Hat that was sent to me by Lipton Publicity but after asking a lot of questions about fit and head size, I decided to give it a go.

When I received the hat in the mail, I slowly pulled it from the package and placed it on my head. Much to my delight, this really cute straw hat with a pink brim fit my head nicely. I tend to shy away from straw hats because I’m not quite the type to pick flowers in a field of daisies which is what straw hats tend to remind me of. Once I realized the hat fit nicely, I also noticed that it was quite chic. I could definitely toss it on when I make my way to a beach and protect my face from the sun while enjoying the rays.

I look forward to wearing it once this darn rain lets up and adding a new dimension to my summer wardrobe.

It’s quite affordable and you can pick one up at Hartford York for $25.

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