Personal fitness-30 Day Cardio Challenge

So one very important part of being more stylish and beautiful is taking proper care of your body. Many women focus on the reducing calories element of weight loss and forget about the fitness element. While diet is important, building muscle and crafting a stronger physique is also very important. These things must happen together and not separate of each other or independently.

I’ve heard women say, “I’ll work on changing my eating habits and lose some weight and then I’ll start working out.”

In my own quest to be more healthy, I’ve found that when diet and exercise are combined, the results are much more effective and long-lasting. So when I embarked on my personal journey to a more healthy lifestyle, I did some soul-searching and realized that in order for me to maintain a steady workout routine I needed to be constantly working towards something. I found out about mud races and other physical challenges and saw that as a great way to inspire myself to stay fit and have a consistent stream of goals to work towards. I did my first mud race last May and am planning on doing Warrior Dash again this May. I found out about the 30 Day Cardio Challenge and saw it as a great way to jump-start my year and force myself to eat better and adopt a more rigorous, regular workout routine.

The 30 Day Cardio Challenge is the brainchild of Rahman Grayson A.K.A. Mr. Shut Up and Train. He is a physical fitness trainer based in Atlanta and he created this challenge to get more people working out and eating healthy. It’s a free challenge where for 30 days, he emails you daily fitness challenges and you have a different nutrition goals to eat clean.

Here is my before and after information:

After doing the challenge, I feel great. I am more toned and in better shape. Plus, I have a new commitment to eating more clean and working out 5 times a week. I enjoyed the workouts and they were all very reasonable while being challenging. Visit for more info and to sign up to be alerted for the next challenge. Plus, he has great workout videos on his website to get you going and if you are in the Atlanta area and looking for a trainer, you should contact him.

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