Product Review-Fraas Mystical Coast Scarf

So Spring has sprung!

Well, it’s sprung sort of. There’s pollen everywhere and warmer temperatures (sometimes) but that’s coupled with fall-like cool temperatures and spring rain. All of that can make going out for the evening a challenging undertaking when it comes to getting dressed.

While my winter scarves can work in those situations where it’s quite chilly outside, they aren’t so helpful when it starts out warm and only gets slightly cold over the course of a day.

This was the situation I encountered recently. It was a beautiful spring day (from my window). There was sun shining and it looked very warm and cozy but when I stepped outside, I felt a discernible chill in the air. However, the bright sun made the chill pleasant. So I brought reinforcements since I knew I’d be outside for the day. I popped my Zyrtec (gotta love those warm weather allergies and I’m one of the few people actually allergic to the sun. Weird, I know), grabbed my jacket and the pretty blue and green patterned Fraas Mystical Coast Scarf.

light scarf

Since I was outside, I left my jacket in the car but I took my light scarf and wrapped it around my purse. Because it’s not as heavy as my winter scarves, it fit nicely and was very easy to carry. And boy did I need it later! The temperature dropped as the bright sun went down but the day was still rolling along. I wrapped my scarf around my neck and carried on.

It was great to have and the blue and green color pattern was a nice pop of color to add to my outfit. I look forward to wearing this scarf through the summer months to deal with those random cold snaps even if they take place inside where they have a tendency to go heavy on the air conditioning at times.

There are also ponchos!


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