Sidewalk District-Shopping at local boutiques from home!

I do realize that I’m quite fortunate to live in a city that has a burgeoning boutique culture. I think people in other cities like Chicago, LA and New York take it for granted how cool it is that they have access to these great places with often unique pieces that you can’t find in larger stores or the mall. I was excited to begin to see different types of boutiques popping up in Atlanta. So I appreciate my luck in having that option and I wish that everyone were so lucky.


Well, now everyone can be so lucky. One thing about boutiques is that they don’t often have the set up to support selling their pieces online. If they do have a website, it’s often more of an online business card or a way to showcase their collections but you ultimately have to visit the store to actually shop there.

Last year, I met this fabulous lady named Janelle Jolley who was creating the answer to all of our boutique desires. It’s called Sidewalk District and it gives us the ability to browse and shop at local stores – boutiques, home décor, gift or pet stores – anytime, anywhere: from a phone, laptop or tablet. How cool is that? As soon as I heard the idea, I’ve been waiting with bated breath (I’m never sure what that is exactly but it fits here so I’m going with it) to be able to sign up.

The time is here! Sidewalk District is about to launch its private beta in February. I’ve already signed up and I wanted to share it with you. Be the first to experience this wonderful project. Visit and sign up before the launch so you can be one of the first to experience Sidewalk District.

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