Develop a relationship with your stylist-guest post by Mandrill Hardge

This month’s advice is meant to encourage a stronger relationship between you and your stylist. Healthy hair is a team effort and therefore, the strength of the team is essential. Here are a few conversation pieces that I use with my clients to ensure that we are growing together and maintaining the healthiest hair.

mandrill-hardge-hair2 mandrill-hardge-hair

* Ask your stylist what products they are using on your hair just in case you are not able to make your appointment or your stylist is booked up. This way your hair is staying in a consistent balance of moisture and conditioner.

* Also remember that your stylist’s assistant is essential to the healthiness of your hair. Develop a working relationship with him/her just in case you need them in the event that your stylist isn’t able to complete your visit. Keep in mind that the assistant is actually the one that is cleansing and conditioning your hair!

* Be sure to ask as many questions as you can think of to educate yourself on your hair. Gain a clear understanding of your hair structure and of future goals and desires with styling. Asking questions keeps you in the know about new products as well as new looks. Keep it fresh ladies!

The deepest secret that we as stylists have is that we LOVE it when our clients ask questions. With the proper education on your hair, you can achieve almost any look and over come any condition within your hair structure. I offer a brief consultation before ALL of my services, whether it’s a weekly client or a new client. This keeps me in the know about home maintenance and also your overall goals.

If you want more information about Mandrill Hardge or will be in the Atlanta area and want to have him style your hair (Side note from Clueless Fashionista: *Which is highly recommended, by the way. I’ve seen his work and it’s mahvelous!), visit his website at