How do I wear that trend…high waisted clothes

Much to my dismay, the trend of wearing high waisted skirts, shorts and pants will continue into the fall and probably winter.  The reason I’m dismayed about this trend is because there are so many people wearing it the absolute wrong way.  When done properly, it looks fabulous, when done wrong, it looks like a hot mess.


The main thing to do when considering wearing anything high waisted is to try it on first.  Spend some time in front of the three way mirror and be totally honest with yourself.  If you look jacked up or sausage-y in any way, take the high waisted item off.  If you are being swallowed by the high waisted item, take it off.  Fashion is not all about being trendy.  Fashion is about wearing clothes that compliment you and make you look pulled together and great while feeling confident.

There are a few types of people that should tread lightly with the high waisted trend.

1.  Top heavy people.  If you are top heavy, you should be careful with high waisted bottoms.  The waist of your pants should not be too close to your breasts.  You run the risk of looking like you have no waist and end up making yourself look shorter and possibly dumpy.  If you want to wear high waisted bottoms, go for the ones that are only slightly higher than normal.  Don’t go for the really extreme high waists.

2.  Pear shaped people.  If you are shaped like a pear, you may want to be really careful wearing high waisted bottoms.  You run the risk of over emphasizing your pear shape and that won’t look flattering.

3.  Bottom heavy people.  If you have a large bottom, hips and/or thighs, you may want to not get too deep into the high waisted trend.  High waisted pants and shorts will emphasize your large area and make it look larger.  If you want to go high waisted, skirts may be the safest bet but you should still make sure you spend some time in front of the three way mirror to make sure that skirt makes you look your best.

Now don’t get me wrong, that isn’t an all encompassing list of body types that should shy away from the high waisted trend.  If you want to take the plunge but you aren’t sure that it looks right on you, walk away from it.  There are so many other trends you can wear that make you look great.  You can leave this particular one alone.  Below are some pics of high waisted worn right.  The top pic is from  The bottom pic is from  Check them out!

High waisted shorts worn right as shown on


High waisted pants worn right as shown on

crop-top-and-pants-sexy-white-women-clothing-sets waist pants