Choosing the Right Sunglasses-Guest post by Jennifer Blanche

Whether you are picking up a pair of sunglasses from a street vendor or spending a small fortune on a name brand design in a boutique eyeglass store, your choices won’t matter much unless you choose a design that flatters your face. Knowing what works for your eye width, bone structure, hair and skin tone, and head size will help you to make the most of your sunglass purchase.

Face Shapes

Generally, six face shapes can be considered when purchasing sunglasses. These are: square, round, oval, triangle, diamond and oblong (longer than its width). Knowing what kind of face shape you have is the first step in picking out the right frames.


Face Shape Fits

Now that you now what shape your face is, you can choose a sunglass style to match. You’ll usually find frames in the following shapes to match your face:

  • Square – oval, round or cat-eye
  • Round – rectangle, wide, brow bars
  • Oval – oval is universal and adapts to almost any frame
  • Triangle – cat-eye, rimless with straight top
  • Diamond – rimless, oval, square
  • Oblong – square, round

Sunglasses and Hair

The way your hair is styled will alter the way your sunglasses look on your face. Depending on your face shape, long hair should be paired with larger frames because smaller frames tend to blend in with your overall look. Curly hair styles, whether long or short, should not be accessorized with large frames as the hair already adds its own depth to your face and large frames will create too much ‘fashion noise’. Short hair can handle different shapes as long as the frames do not overindulge the area and stick out like side view mirrors.

Keeping Your Skin in Mind

Not many people consider their skin complexion when choosing sunglasses however there can be some serious fashion faux pas if you are not too careful. A lighter shade of skin works well with slightly colored frames like light tortoise shell or rose. More colorful choices such as reds, blues and greens can exacerbate pale skin making it look even more translucent and unattractive. Darker skin textures blend nicely with metallic frames of gold and silver as well as clear plastic whereas dark brown or black tend to clash.

Overall, choosing sunglasses requires a keen eye and gut instinct. If within the first couple of seconds you look at them in a mirror and feel they are not right for you, they probably aren’t. Move on and continue your search for the perfect pair!

About the Author: Jennifer Blanche is addicted to shopping for accessories, including sunglasses, purses, and affordable jewelry. To fund that addiction, she works as a registered ultrasound technician and hopes to continue her education for advancement within the healthcare field.

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