How do I wear that trend…menswear inspired pieces

One really cool trend that has been around for the past few seasons is menswear pieces. This can be a tricky trend because if it’s not done properly, the clothes can be very unflattering. The thing about menswear is that it usually can’t be actual clothes for men worn by a woman or if it is actual menswear, it MUST be altered to flatter your figure.


For example, look at the above picture of Megan Fox wearing this pair of slacks. The slacks definitely have a menswear feel to them but Megan used the belt and a cuff to make them more feminine. You can tell that she isn’t a large woman so these slacks could have easily swallowed her up (as I’ve seen them do on many women) but they don’t. They fit her figure nicely and she played up her waist with the pop of color belt (even though it’s brown, in this black and grey outfit it stands out). Plus the fitted tank top highlighted her curves nicely as well.


The biggest suggestion for incorporating menswear into your wardrobe is fit. I’ve seen lots of women (mainly ones who work in business casual environments) get this trend wrong. When you try on a pair of slacks or a blazer, do a slow turn in front of a 360 mirror. You want to make sure that your feminine parts are properly highlighted. Your waist, hips and bust should be accentuated enough to show that you are indeed a woman.

And please keep in mind that fit does not equal tight. The point of menswear inspired pieces is that they’re supposed to be comfortable.

I would love to see how you incorporate menswear pieces. If you’d like to share some pictures and be featured, send a message through the contact form.


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