How do I wear that trend…shorts

When we are kids, shorts are a requisite part of of the summer wardrobe because of utility. It’s a lot cooler to run around with shorts on than it is to wear jeans and other long pants. I’ve never seen kids running around complaining about their skinny legs or knobby knees. They just put on the shorts and go.

As we get older and more aware of our bodies and ultimately more self conscious, some of us stop wearing shorts and other short pants. I’ve done it myself. There were a couple of summers where I wore mainly jeans and just dealt with the heat. Then one summer, I decided that it was enough. I didn’t want to be hot any more. If you’ve ever been to Atlanta in the summer, you know that not only is it hot, it’s also humid, muggy and just overall miserable at times. So I was delighted to see that shorts were a trend for this summer.


If you’re not on the shorts bandwagon, I understand. However, there are so many different types of shorts and short pants that anyone can wear them and look nice.

1. Short shorts: These are definitely for the brave and nice legged ladies. Tread carefully when you wear short shorts and make sure they’re appropriate and cover your entire booty. There’s nothing cute about someone’s cheeks hanging out.

2. Above the knee shorts: Many women can safely wear these because they will flatter most leg lengths. They’re long enough for you modest ladies but short enough for you former short short wearers. These are typically best when they’re fairly roomy and fit loosely. If you wear them too tight, it will make you look short by cutting you in half with color.

3. Knee length shorts aka bermuda shorts aka short capris: These types of shorts take on a few other names and would seem to be the safest choice, but for us ladies with short legs, they can be really unflattering. When bottoms stop right at or below the knee, they tend to make you look shorter and they highlight the fullest part of the lower leg, your calf. These look best on ladies with long legs.

4. Capri pants: These aren’t technically shorts but they’re a great short option, especially for you ladies who don’t like showing much leg. They come in a variety of fabrics and can be very loose and comfy in the warmer months. Tread carefully when wearing capris. They come in a variety of lengths from knee length (like mentioned above) to ankle length. If you have short legs, stay away from the ones that stop right at the ankle for sure. They will highlight your short legs and make you look short in an unflattering way. I, personally, don’t care for capris of any length because I have yet to find a length that don’t make me look short and stumpy. I have short legs and a short torso so I’m very careful to stay away from things that highlight my shortness.


I hope this was helpful and I hope you jump into the shorts trend with more ease. The biggest thing is for you to make sure you try them on before you buy them and be honest with yourself about how they make you look.

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