How do I wear that trend…rhinestone shoes

As a new fan of sparkly shoes, I was pleased as punch to see them on the runways for Spring/Summer. I have been diligently searching for a fabulous pair of sparkly pumps, but haven’t found a pair yet.

However, I wanted to share some tips on how everyone can enjoy sparkly/rhinestone shoes. It’s not very hard but when you wear anything that sparkles, you have to do it with confidence. So before you slip on your sparkly piece, slip on your confidence!

1. Wear a solid colored outfit and let your shoes shine, literally. If you are diving into the monotone trend that has been hanging around for a while, this is a good time to throw on those fabulous shoes. They can be your statement piece.

2. Wear them with a casual, basic outfit. One of my favorite things to see/do is to put on a plain white or black t-shirt, dark jeans and some fabulous shoes. In this instance, you could throw on some sparkly shoes and let them be your pop of color. They could add a little glam to an otherwise understated outfit.

3. Wear them to vamp up a vampy outfit. I’m a big fan of the sexy secretary look with a pencil skirt, fitted top and pumps. If you want to go this route, you could add a little extra voom to your va va va voom with some fabulous sparkly pumps.

So there you have it, three easy was to get your sparkle on. Once I find my fabulous pair, I will do some outfit posts to show you how I’m rocking my sparkle. But in the meantime, show me how you do yours. Send me pics and I’ll do a round-up of your looks in a follow-up post.

Sparkle on!