Kushyfoot Flats to Go-Slate Sandals

When the lovely folks over at Lipton Publicity sent me a pair of the Kushyfoot Flats to Go in a sandal, I was excited to try them out. I really like the ballet flat slippers. They have a great sole and can be helpful when my heels expire.

kushyfoot-sandals-rhinestone shoes

I used the sandals in the same way that I’ve used the ballet slippers. I was out and about and my heels expired so I whipped out my slate sandals and popped those babies on.

I was a bit disappointed. The sole of the sandals isn’t very sturdy. I ended up taking them off and putting back on my shoes because it felt like I was walking barefoot in the sandals.


However, these sandals would be great after a fresh pedicure rather than the ones they give you at the salon. So in a nutshell, I wouldn’t suggest you get these to wear after a long night on the town. I’d suggest you get the Kushyfoot Flats to Go ballet slippers for that purpose. But if you would prefer to take your own sandals to your mani/pedi visit, these sandals would be perfect.