Product Review-Marika Slimming Capri Pants


The wonderful people over at Lipton Publicity sent me a pair of Marika Slimming Capri Pants. I wanted to really put them through the paces so I gave them the full use test.

They are a Capri length stretchy pants that are great to wear during working out. I’m currently training to do Warrior Dash so I run at least three to four times a week. I love a great pair of pants that I can run in and look cute while doing it. I tried on the Marika pants and they fit nicely. Since they’re slimming pants for the tummy too, I pulled them up to my waist to see if they would truly give me that slimming effect.

They did.

review Marika Slimming Capri Pants

However, the part that slimmed my midsection did not stay up as I ran. Now, I don’t fault the pants for this because whenever I wear something that’s designed to slim my midsection, it rebels and pushes the offending item down or up. My midsection is just stubborn that way. Whenever I wear spanx, I have to clip them to my bra to get that true slimming effect over my midsection.

With this in mind, I really like the Marika Slimming Capri Pants. They made my legs look great and were great to wear during my workout. If your midsection isn’t rebellious like mine or can be properly wrangled, I definitely recommend these. If your midsection is rebellious but you enjoy enhancing your legs, these work for that too.

Plus, if you want to get a 20% discount off of any Marika Miracles purchase, visit and enter the coupon code MIRACLES in at checkout. I’d love to see you in your Marika Miracles so share pics, please!