Product Review-Smartdogs Summer Slippers

I was intrigued when I first learned about the Smartdogs Summer Slippers. Not only did they claim to be comfortable and cool, they are also antibacterial.

Apparently them being antibacterial is a great feature to have as more stories come out about the large amount of bacteria that can be found on our trusty summer flip-flops. Here’s a particularly, ahem, interesting article from MSNBC that discusses this very problem.

Can Your Flip Flops Kill You-MSNBC

Welcome back. Now that you’re properly disturbed, I have a suggested solution for you. Since none of us want to relinquish our flip-flops in these warmer months (isn’t that one great perk of summer weather, light comfortable shoes?), Grandoe has introduced a line of flip-flops that aim to solve or reduce this issue.

Smartdogs Summer Slippers

Smartdogs Summer Slippers are super casual and cute flip-flops that are mesh, cool and antibacterial. I was interested in trying them out. I slipped them on and they are definitely comfortable. As the temperatures went from reasonable 70’s to unreasonably hot 90’s over the weekend, I took them to the streets. My feet felt fabulous! They’re comfortable and the mesh definitely help keep your feet cool. They definitely feel like you’re wearing slippers outside so I wouldn’t suggest them for a dressy occasion, but if you’re just going the cute but casual route, these are a great option.


If you’d like to pick up a pair, they retail for $45 on the Smartdogs website (just click the previous word). They feel very durable so that would be a good investment for a pair of summer slippers that could take you through multiple summers with cool feet. Plus, if they cut down on even some of the bacteria that the experts say are on our flip-flops, it’s a win-win, right?

Thanks to Lipton Publicity for sending me these to review!