How Do I Wear That Trend…Long Scarves

Welcome to the first of a weekly feature for Clueless Fashionista. Every week, I will post a blog called “How Do I Wear That Trend?” where I will address practical ways that us non runway model women can wear current trends. I recognize that most of us don’t have a personal stylist so we may need some instructions on how to look our best while sporting the latest trends.

gauze-scarf090_n gauze scarf

The first trend I want to address is an interesting one. As we come to the end of summer and start going into the fall months, long gauze scarves have become very popular. I like them myself but I don’t plan on wearing them until it gets a bit cooler, but for those of you in cooler climates, here is a picture of one.


Now here’s the instructional portion of this blog. Not sure how to wear this cute trend? Well here is a short video by the folks over at showing you three simple ways to work that long, gauze scarf.

ju99_n long scarf