Taking risks with fashion and beauty

One of the things about fashion and beauty that makes it so fun and special is your ability to take risks.  The great thing about taking those risks is that the definition of risk isn’t the same for everyone.  If you typically wear all brown and khaki, a risk would be for you to start wearing more black and red.  If you typically mix polka dots with stripes, a risk would be for you to go basic and wear more khaki and brown.

Yesterday I took a risk.  I have been wearing locs for the past five years.  This past Tuesday, I cut those locs off and the following day I went with a curly bob.  It’s totally different than anything I’ve done in the past five years.  There are people in my life who only know me with the locs.  Here are some pics of my risk.

Locs after 4 and a half years

No more locs!

no more loks

My new do…for now!

Join me.  Take a risk this week.  Share your risk stories with me.  I can’t wait to hear them!