How to wear vintage jewelry-guest post by Rebecca Lowe

Vintage jewelry has an enduring versatility that many other types of jewelry simply lack. Wearing vintage jewelry follows much of the same rules as you would with any other type of jewelry.

How to wear vintage jewelry How to wear vintage jewelry

Combinations are important, a ruby gemstone pendant or ring can set off a white ensemble with a splash of vibrancy and color. Yellows and green colors work well with more complex outfits and vintage pendants and necklaces are best worn with an exposed neckline. Floral designed jewelry works well this summer and can be worn with more casual outfits as well as more elegant and classic looks.

The general rule of vintage jewelry is less is more. Many pieces are more complex and over-sized than modern jewelry so wearing one piece, or a maximum of two pieces will provide the most desired effect.

How to wear vintage jewelry How to wear vintage jewelry

Antique bracelets can be frightfully expensive, but if you have any broken or unwanted pieces of vintage jewellery then you can create your own traditional charm bracelet just by using a lobster clasp bracelet.

Rebecca Lowe is a fashion and design student who currently works for the Samara James Jewellers. Rebecca is passionate about a range of fashion and style topics and also has a keen eye on fashion jewelry and accessories.

Psst…these are some great tips so the next time you visit your grandmother or your mother, raid their jewelry box and consider incorporating some of those vintage pieces into your everyday wear.

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