Product Review-Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream

Apr 14, 2012 by

As a BzzAgent, I got an opportunity to try out the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream. I was interested to try it because I’d never heard of B.B. Cream so I wanted to know what it was all about. I did some research in advance and discovered that it is tinting moisturizer that helps to camouflage marks and other discolorations on your face but it isn’t a foundation or concealer.

Well I am a big fan of tinted moisturizer, having learned about them several years ago. I’ve used them regularly since and I just happen to not have any so this was a great time for me to check out another brand.

I got it in the mail and opened the package. The first day I tried it out, I put it on much like I would any other tinted moisturizer I have used in the past. I squeezed about a third of a dime sized amount of it into my hand and rubbed it onto my face and neck.

I like the texture of it and it definitely moisturized my face, however, the color was about two to three shades too light so it made my face look ashy. I rubbed it off some and after an hour or so, the moisturizer soaked in and I didn’t look so ashy. This is a problem that I’ve encountered with other makeup products that aren’t specifically made for women of color. Although it says medium/deep, it’s not truly for darker skinned complexions. It’s more for olive toned skin.

With that in mind, I do like the product and if I apply it sparingly, I really like it. It does smooth out my face and moisturizes it very well. However, I would have to recommend it very carefully. I could only comfortably suggest it to women who are much lighter than myself and I’m considered a light brown-skinned black woman.

I would ask Garnier to look into taking this product and stretching the color spectrum to work for the multiple hues of woman who might use it. I think that if skin care and makeup companies started creating products that could be used by all women, without it having to be a special line for women of color, they would benefit from it.

I plan on finishing my tube but I wouldn’t buy this product because ultimately it’s too light for me but the SPF and the thickness makes it a great moisturizer.

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