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Happy Birthday Clueless Fashionista!!

Happy Birthday Clueless Fashionista!!
Today, Clueless Fashionista turns 2! Two and a half years ago today, I was telling a friend of mine about this cool new shopping website that I had found and she said that I should share my knowledge with others.  Without trying to, she inspired me to create Clueless Fashionista. Ever since then I have enjoyed building this blog and turning it into what you see today.  I have big plans as it continues to grow and...


Thanks for stopping by Clueless Fashionista. This blog was inspired by a friend of mine. We were having dinner one night and I started telling her about the different fashion and beauty websites and books that I’ve read recently. I was amazed that she didn’t know about some of the things I was mentioning because I’ve always considered her a fashionable person. She suggested that I start a blog...

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