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Mar 15, 2012 by

I had the opportunity to try the newest re-release of Dryel and it’s cool new look. I’ve always wanted to try it out but I was hesitant mainly because of the cost and that it requires putting dry clean only clothes in the dryer. Growing up, it was drilled into my head that there are certain clothes that can be put in the dryer but when I received my package of Dryel, I bravely tossed a few pieces in the bag and threw them in the dryer.

They had to “dry” for 30 minutes and when I pulled the bag out and opened it, I was instantly struck by the wonderful scent of my clothes. The Dryel cloth had made them smell so wonderful that I had to smell them all. The scent was evenly distributed among the clothes and they were all in one piece. Nothing was damaged or smaller than when I put it in the special bag. Plus, when I pulled the pieces out, they all felt clean! It was kind of amazing.

So I will definitely be buying more Dryel and incorporating it into my laundry routine. It did a great job of cleaning and deodorizing my clothes. I don’t think it would work as well on clothes that have been through a lot. There are some situations that require good old-fashioned soap and water. But this is a great way to keep those lightly worn pieces all fresh and clean in between major cleanings.

Dryel is doing a really cool contest where they’re inviting people who have used it to share how they use Dryel to stay fresh. People submitted videos talking about how they use Dryel to “Freshen their Swag” and now you can go to the Dryel Facebook page and vote. Check it out here at the Dryel Official Facebook Fan Page.

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