How do I wear that trend…rhinestone shoes

As a new fan of sparkly shoes, I was pleased as punch to see them on the runways for Spring/Summer. I have been diligently searching for a fabulous pair of sparkly pumps, but haven’t found a pair yet.sparklylouboutin

However, I wanted to share some tips on how everyone can enjoy sparkly/rhinestone shoes. It’s not very hard but when you wear anything that sparkles, you have to do it with confidence. So before you slip on your sparkly piece, slip on your confidence!

1. Wear a solid colored outfit and let your shoes shine, literally. If you are diving into the monotone trend that has been hanging around for a while, this is a good time to throw on those fabulous shoes. They can be your statement piece.

2. Wear them with a casual, basic outfit. One of my favorite things to see/do is to put on a plain white or black t-shirt, dark jeans and some fabulous shoes. In this instance, you could throw on some sparkly shoes and let them be your pop of color. They could add a little glam to an otherwise understated outfit.

3. Wear them to vamp up a vampy outfit. I’m a big fan of the sexy secretary look with a pencil skirt, fitted top and pumps. If you want to go this route, you could add a little extra voom to your va va va voom with some fabulous sparkly pumps.

So there you have it, three easy was to get your sparkle on. Once I find my fabulous pair, I will do some outfit posts to show you how I’m rocking my sparkle. But in the meantime, show me how you do yours. Send me pics and I’ll do a round-up of your looks in a follow-up post.

Sparkle on!

How do I wear that trend…wrist candy flash-sale-sites-invites-la-perla-rock-republic-dior- style-staples/


I am a fan of a great bracelet and ring combination but I’m fairly conservative in that I will wear at max three bangles, not much more. I was intrigued by the wrist candy trend. It’s a cool way to make an outfit more edgy without having to step really far outside of your comfort zone.

What is wrist candy, you ask?

Wrist candy is wearing multiple (at least three) bracelets of different styles, colors and metals. You can mix and match in whatever way you see fit but the goal is to make your wrist the statement portion of your outfit. Now, you can wear arm candy in the form of one single piece but it has to be a show stopper to qualify.


Be creative with this trend and show me how you interpret it. Send pictures of you rocking arm candy and I’ll feature you in a roundup post along with a link to your website.


How do I wear that trend…metallics -Spring-Summer-2012-Wear-Now-Tropical-Prints-Fringing -Whites-Sports-Sheer-more-21227714?page=0%2C0%2C2

Spring runways brought us metallic fabrics and prints in a very subtle, but stylish way. The thing about metallics is that they can easily go wrong or look like you’re wearing a costume. But if you err on the side of subtlety, you can really add some pizzazz to your outfit.

1. Accessories

The best way to incorporate metallics safely is with your accessories. This is a great time to go beyond the basic gold and silver jewelry. Look for cool, bold jewelry pieces like statement rings or statement necklaces and bracelets. You can also take things up a notch with metallic hair accessories. This is the easiest way to experiment with this trend without feeling overwhelmed by it.

2. Shoes

I know that shoes are accessories, but when you’re dealing with metallics, they should go in a separate category. You can take a basic outfit and put on some great metallic shoes and take the whole thing up a notch. I would suggest being more daring with your metallic shoes. You can do the gold and silver ones but also look for copper, bronze or even colored metallics.

3. Shirts

Metallic shirts can go from full on shiny to a subtle shimmer. If you’re feeling daring, make sure to pair a stronger piece with a neutral palate. That way your shiny piece can truly stand alone. If you go for something with a subtle shimmer, depending on the color, you could also put on a bold bottom or top it off with some metallic shoes.

I’d love to see your metallic looks. Send me your pictures and I will feature you in my Clueless Style Files Pin Board on Pinterest. Want to follow me? Follow Me on Pinterest


How do I wear that trend…Tangerine Tango

Every year Pantone, the authority on color, earmarks a color to represent that year. This year they chose tangerine tango.

Now as someone who enjoys wearing red, orange and yellow, I was pleased with this color selection. However, I realize that this bold color could be intimidating to those of you that may be a bit color shy. I wanted to give some tips on how you can incorporate the Pantone Color of 2012 into your wardrobe and brighten things up this year. The great thing is that this color is bright enough to be a bold presence in the warmer months but it’s bold enough to take us through the colder months as well.

1. Accessories! You know I am a fan of incorporating color through accessories, especially shoes. You can pick up a pair of pumps that are exactly tangerine or in the same color family like these fabulous coral pumps by Jessica Beijo. Click the picture if you’d like to pick up a pair. They’re $69.95 at DSW.

2. Pants. If you’re more daring about your approach to color, you could give it a try in a pair of orange jeans. These are great because they can be worn by anyone, regardless of your skin’s undertones. One of the biggest obstacles to wearing a rich color like orange is if you have red or blue undertones in your skin. If you have red undertones, orange close to your face can bring out the red and not look the most flattering. If you have blue undertones, the orange could make you look washed out. So if you throw on a great pair of orange jeans, the color is away from your face and you can pair it with a neutral color like gray or off-white (or any variation of this color-eggshell, anyone?).

3. Makeup. Now wait before you scoff at this one! I know that some orange makeup can be very bright and garish. No, I don’t want you to wear crayon orange makeup but in lighter palates, orange is a wonderful spring makeup color. You can go for a soft orange lip gloss or a light orange eye shadow. In fact, I found a couple of videos that show you how to wear orange makeup.

This is one from Bella Sugar that shows how orange makeup can work well for a variety of skin types.

This is a great tutorial that shows you how to do an orange smokey eye. It’s definitely on the more advanced side but she really explained things slowly and did the tutorial with a great closeup on her eyes the entire time. I will be giving this a try and showing you my interpretation of it. I encourage you to do the same and share it with me! I’d love to see how the orange smokey eye turns out for you.

So there you have it. Some great ways to wear the Pantone Color of 2012, Tangerine Orange (or other colors in the orange family). If you dive into this trend, send me the pics! I’d love to see how you incorporate it into your outfits. Go forth in color!

How do I wear that trend…pastels -2012-pastel-colors/

So Easter is coming up and those of you who celebrate may be planning to don your prettiest pastel outfit for Easter Sunday but pastels don’t have to be reserved just for Easter. Pastels were all over the runways for the spring and they are a great way to feel summer-y. The unfortunate thing about pastels is that if not done right, they can easily move from chic to costume-y. I also want to suggest some ways to incorporate the pastel trend that goes beyond just wearing a pastel colored shirt.

1. Shoes! Yes I know I’m always talking about shoes but they are truly a great way to experiment with trends without feeling overwhelmed by it. You don’t even have to get super fancy shoes. You can rock a pair of pastel colored pumps with a pair of dark jeans and a white, black or gray t-shirt and be fly.

2. Accessories, most specifically hair accessories. You can wear pastel hair accessories and look very girlie and cute and on trend. You can do headbands, hair ties or even pastel flowers. I would suggest visiting stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Dots to browse their hair accessory section for a great pastel piece. Wear it like a pop of color and match it with clothes in a similar color group. For example, if you’re wearing orange, go for an orange pastel hair accessory. If you’re wearing red or blue, go for a pastel pink or pastel blue.

3. Pants! One of the hottest trends is colored jeans. You can do pastel as well as bright colors. If you’re more daring and ok with diving into trends, look for a pastel pair of jeans or pants and wear those with either a neutral top (brown, black, tan or gray) or take it a step further and do the colorblocking trend. Check out the last post How do I wear that trend…colorblocking for great tips and use your pastel piece as the base.

These are just a few ways you can do the pastel trend and look great and not at all like you’re going to an Easter program (unless you are of course!). If you try this trend, let me know. Send a picture of yourself rocking the pastel trend to info [at] cluelessfashionista [dot] com and I’ll do a follow-up post featuring your pictures.

How do I wear that trend…florals

As we all know trends are circular and I just noticed that I’ve covered this trend on How do I wear that trend in 2008. So, without further ado, here is a link to the post I wrote in 2008:

How do I wear that trend…florals

Make sure you read it over because there are some great tips on how to incorporate florals into your wardrobe as a pattern newbie. I’m still not wearing them very often but I’m working on doing more patterns. It’s a slow process but I continue to improve. There’s also a request for a picture of a full length mirror at the end. That still stands. And if you haven’t seen the post about the mirror, check it out:

A full length mirror…go buy one!


How do I wear that trend…shorts

When we are kids, shorts are a requisite part of of the summer wardrobe because of utility. It’s a lot cooler to run around with shorts on than it is to wear jeans and other long pants. I’ve never seen kids running around complaining about their skinny legs or knobby knees. They just put on the shorts and go.

As we get older and more aware of our bodies and ultimately more self conscious, some of us stop wearing shorts and other short pants. I’ve done it myself. There were a couple of summers where I wore mainly jeans and just dealt with the heat. Then one summer, I decided that it was enough. I didn’t want to be hot any more. If you’ve ever been to Atlanta in the summer, you know that not only is it hot, it’s also humid, muggy and just overall miserable at times. So I was delighted to see that shorts were a trend for this summer.

If you’re not on the shorts bandwagon, I understand. However, there are so many different types of shorts and short pants that anyone can wear them and look nice.

1. Short shorts: These are definitely for the brave and nice legged ladies. Tread carefully when you wear short shorts and make sure they’re appropriate and cover your entire booty. There’s nothing cute about someone’s cheeks hanging out.

2. Above the knee shorts: Many women can safely wear these because they will flatter most leg lengths. They’re long enough for you modest ladies but short enough for you former short short wearers. These are typically best when they’re fairly roomy and fit loosely. If you wear them too tight, it will make you look short by cutting you in half with color.

3. Knee length shorts aka bermuda shorts aka short capris: These types of shorts take on a few other names and would seem to be the safest choice, but for us ladies with short legs, they can be really unflattering. When bottoms stop right at or below the knee, they tend to make you look shorter and they highlight the fullest part of the lower leg, your calf. These look best on ladies with long legs.

4. Capri pants: These aren’t technically shorts but they’re a great short option, especially for you ladies who don’t like showing much leg. They come in a variety of fabrics and can be very loose and comfy in the warmer months. Tread carefully when wearing capris. They come in a variety of lengths from knee length (like mentioned above) to ankle length. If you have short legs, stay away from the ones that stop right at the ankle for sure. They will highlight your short legs and make you look short in an unflattering way. I, personally, don’t care for capris of any length because I have yet to find a length that don’t make me look short and stumpy. I have short legs and a short torso so I’m very careful to stay away from things that highlight my shortness.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you jump into the shorts trend with more ease. The biggest thing is for you to make sure you try them on before you buy them and be honest with yourself about how they make you look.

How do I wear that trend…big, bright floral prints

There’s nothing more sunny than a pretty, summer dress. Whenever I wear one, I immediately feel more girly. One of this season’s trends are big, bright floral prints. One great way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is with a pretty dress with big, bright floral prints.

Now I do realize that the idea of floral prints may conjure up thoughts of Little House on the Prairie or Little Women but these new prints are much more colorful and pretty and less like you live in a two room house with outdoor plumbing. So I encourage you to dive into this trend with a dress first. Once you get a dress and realize how cool this trend can be, here are some other ways you can participate in it:

1. Accessories. Bright floral hair accessories, bracelets and rings can be very pretty. Plus it can add a wonderful pop of color to any outfit.

2. Shoes. Print pumps or wedges can be a very pretty addition to a basic outfit.

3. Skirt. If you find a skirt with one large flower or a really big floral pattern on it, buy it! You can really pretty up a plain t-shirt and basic flats with a bright, floral print skirt.

I would love to see how you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Please send pics to info {at} cluelessfashionista {dot} com and you could be featured in a round up post!

How do I wear that trend…camel fashion_trend-2647.html

Now ladies, camel is a super easy trend. I mean, it’s the ultimate neutral. So this is definitely a trend you should get involved with especially because it’s a trend that’s also a classic. Camel is always in style so if you buy any great camel pieces, you will definitely be able to wear them for years to come. If you’re stumped about how to begin to incorporate camel into your wardrobe, here are some tips:

1. Shoes: Camel shoes are a wonderful alternative to black shoes. It’s a great neutral that also offers a pop of color. Plus, shoes are a great way to experiment with color.

2. Accessories: A camel purse or scarf are also great wardrobe staples. A camel bag can be a good wardrobe addition year round and if you want to jazz up your scarf collection, a great camel one will definitely do that.

These are some easy ways to participate in the camel trend. Now, you can go further and go for camel head to toe with a red shoe if you’re feeling more daring. Camel and black offer a great contrast while camel and dark brown look great together as well. Plus, since we are rapidly approaching winter, a great camel coat is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.