Product Review-Fraas Animal Print Scarf

Apr 10, 2012 by

After having the opportunity to review the fabulous Fraas scarf in October, I was excited at an opportunity to road test one of the new animal print scarves. The wonderful folks at Lipton Publicity sent me the pink one. When I got it, I loved it right away. It’s a subtle animal print with pink tones but not overly so. It’s a great thin scarf for those fickle, warm spring days that turn into cool spring nights. It’s thin enough to go around your neck but wide enough to cover your shoulders if necessary. Plus, it’s a great neutral pink that will jazz up almost any outfit because of the subtle color and not-too-overpowering animal print.

You know how I love a great animal print piece that can provide a pop of pizzazz!

Make sure you check out the video I did with the other Fraas scarf. It applies to this one as well.

How to wear a Fraas Scarf

Visit to check out their fabulous scarf collection. I’d love to see how you wear your scarves this spring. Send pictures of you in your scarf to info [at] cluelessfashionista [dot] com and I’ll feature you and a link to your Facebook or twitter on a follow-up launch. Double kudos if you send me a picture of you in a Fraas scarf!

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Product Review-Kushyfoot Microfiber Crew

Jan 3, 2012 by

The lovely folks over at Lipton Publicity sent me some very interesting socks. They are the thin crew socks that you can wear with dressy shoes but they have one extra feature; padded soles. Now they’re not fully padded to the point where your shows won’t fit properly. It’s a very slight padding but noticeable when the socks are on.

Recently, I was filming an event so I decided to wear the socks with my new wedge boots. The boots are casual but since there is about a two and a half/three-inch wedge, they could have ended up not being very comfortable. Plus, I was going to be standing and holding a camera.

I put on the socks and they felt fine. They didn’t feel odd or out-of-place and they fit nicely in my boots, which were brand new. My feet felt great as I got to the event but I knew the real test was in front of me. I filmed two 10 minute segments of the event and only sat down for a few minutes in the beginning and my feet felt alright as I left the event about four hours later. The shoes were fairly comfortable but the socks gave an added protection that I wasn’t expecting.

I would definitely recommend adding these to your sock collection. They’re less than $12 at the kushyfoot website.

I do not support painful feet so I am always open to anything that can help keep my feet pain-free. These will help with that. Let me know your experiences with the Kushyfoot Microfiber Crew. Post a comment or send an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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